Devoxx Distilled

Didn’t go to Devoxx this week? Then read on for my subjective summary of the event.

Let’s go with the ‘exceutive summary‘ right away:

  • continue, or start doing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, or continuous deployment.
  • Java8 is already here and it’s different. The new API’s are powerful and have a definite learning curve, but start using lambdas/streams/new APIs right away or regret it later.
  • even dry-as-the-desert-banks are transforming to agile now (in what seems to be a successful and ‘correct’ fashion), no more excuses for anyone else to stick to age old Business vs IT barriers, waterflows and the like.
  • the market is exploding with cloud solutions for building, running, maintaining java applications. time to make use of them.
  • Java EE 7 (and above) is a new breed and much less cumbersome than previous versions. Have a look at it.

The ‘buzz’:

  • Docker
  • Rochefort 8 > Rochefort 6 …
  • Lambdas, Streams
  • Functional, Reactive
  • The Java Posse shuts down
  • Voxxed, a brand new Java community site
  • … Rochefort 10 > Rochefort 8!

As a conference, Devoxx…

  • … is very focused on Java and surrounding technology (obviously!); there are not many methodology, inspirational or alternative talks. Denise Jacobs talks on the creative mind, were, however, very good.
  • … has an excellent venue at the Metropolis Cinema with great audio and screens, great seats, and an easily accessible location (tram stops right outside),
  • … does not have the best quality or supply of food (!) although, there is plenty to drink,
  • … was jam packed with people that created queues for most things,
  • … is located in a country with great beer tradition.

All in all, I had a great time and I’d like to thank the Devoxx team for all their efforts, and Hybris for giving me the opportunity to attend. Hoping for a return next year!


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