Foo Café

Foo Café seemed like an interesting enough project to warrant leaving work early to attend the ‘Grand Opening’ on Aug 27. In short, the project’s aim is to be like ‘a conference, that happens everyday’ according to the project founder, Michael Tiberg. I’m intrigued. Leanly, Tiberg spoke about the project just enough so that the audience could estimate what it had to offer. It’s supposed to support various user groups and associations in the Malmö area (southern Sweden) to create an independent meeting place for IT-folk.

As far as I could gather the project is quite mature, involves a huge crowd of people, and has been running along sneakily for some time. I definitely hope it succeeds in what it tries to do, and it will certainly fill a void in our region. Another running developer event, Java Forum, had been idle in Malmö for more than a year before only somewhat coming to life again this year. Avega’s Elevate seminars are usually much appreciated, but are intended for smaller crowds and they aren’t happening every day. Surely there should be room for these kinds of larger events in a region filled with IT professionals?

The event also featured the ever so lively developer ‘celeb’ Dan North. He gave a short talk on his views that Coding Dojos foster ‘deliberate practice’, when you should in fact strive for ‘deliberate learning’. The point being roughly that you need to learn about what you don’t yet know, to be able to learn properly in our dynamic business. His point is valid.

There was beer at the end, but unfortunately I was second order ignorant of that fact when I chose to drive a car to the venue…dang it, next time :)

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