Running Selenium IDE Against Different Environments

When running test suites inside Selenium IDE, you can set the ‘BaseĀ URL‘, which is basically the domain part of the site under test. If you want to be able to run the same test suite against various environments, such as ‘test’ or ‘stage’, you obviously want to run with different base URLs. However, it’s not that obvious how you accomplish this, and it’s not well documented either.

What may happen if you try to just change the base URL is that the first test case in your suite runs against the new setting while the rest run against previous settings. The cause of this lies in the fact that each test case can have a hidden base URL, as shown below!

What you want to do is to simply remove the complete line with the link element. Then Selenium will use whatever you write in the ‘BaseĀ URL‘ field when running the test suite. Handy eh?

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